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Yello Strom GmbH Yello Project: App Relaunch

Yello Strom GmbH, a subsidiary of the EnBW Group based in Germany, is a well-known energy supplier recognized across the country for its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. For Yello, it is important to provide the best possible digital customer expericence. The fixed monthly pricing model within a fixed-term contract made it difficult for users to exactly know their actual usage. Based on the customers needs and feedback, Yello identified, that users want to avoid an additional payment on their yearly invoice. In response to that, Yello initiated an ambitious project: The Yello App empowers customers with a wide range of self-service features, enabling them to take control of their energy consumption and costs. With the ability to scan meter readings and receive real-time cost projections, users can effortlessly manage their monthly payments and avoid surprises. adesso is providing Yello with SmartShore services to relaunch the new Yello App, which already has a large user base. adesso will also provide maintenance support for the app during its time on the market. The most challenging aspect of the project was transforming the existing application into a brand-new application, writing the architecture from scratch, and ensuring the adaptation of users who were already happy with the application while maintaining their satisfaction. The SmartShore team successfully moved the modularization structure used in the existing architecture to the new architecture and modularization structure, adapted to the common technology structure used in existing projects, and strengthened application performance by providing various improvements in the code. They also quickly adapted to changes in the concept work by showing proactive approaches to the content of the application. The technologies used for the project included: For iOS development, Swift, SwiftUI, Combine, Realm, Firebase, Adjust, Lottie, RxSwift, UIKit, QuickLayout, Swift Package Manager, XcodeGen, SwiftGen, Localise, Swiftformat, Swiftlint, PerformingArchitecture, SheeKit, and PartialSheet. For Android development, Multi-Module, Clean Architecture, Jetpack Compose, Navigation Compose, Room, Retrofit, Okhttp3, Hilt, Pixometer Sdk, Firebase, Adjust, Thunderhead, and Onetrust.