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Rabobank Advanced Integration Reactor (AIR) Project

Rabobank, one of the largest banks in the Netherlands and a global leader in Rural and Wholesale Banking, was founded in 1895 and has established branches in multiple countries. Initially, these branches developed their own software solutions to adapt to the digital age. However, as communication shifted entirely to the digital environment, software-based inconsistencies between branches have led to data consistency issues and stability concerns. To address these challenges, Rabobank made the strategic decision to transition to a central banking system, embarking on the Central Banking Transformation (CBT) project, in collaboration with adesso as a partner. And Flexcube was chosen by Rabobank as the main component of the new architecture. The Advanced Integration Reactor (AIR) serves as the Enterprise Integration Bus (EIB) in Rabobank's CBT project, facilitating the integration of various systems and branches. Its primary objective is to ensure seamless, fast, and secure communication between Flexcube, and the dispersed systems used by branches worldwide. Among the project's challenges, the complexity lies not in technical aspects, but rather in comprehending requirements of various stakeholders and delivering a flawless solution that meets the client's expectations. Indeed, adesso's experienced SmartShore team fulfils all expectations. Since their involvement in the project, they have diligently strived to understand, question, and refine requirements in collaboration with business analysts, resulting in remarkable success. This meticulous approach has led to great success, resulting in the creation of an exceptionally stable and smoothly functioning product. The project leverages a range of cutting-edge technologies, including Java, Apache Camel, Quarkus, Spring Boot, and OSGI, to facilitate secure and efficient communication between systems. Additionally, Fuse6, Fuse7, and Openshift provide a robust infrastructure for integration efforts. Essential tools such as Jenkins, ArgoCD, and Git ensure streamlined development, continuous integration, and efficient version control throughout the project.