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Apollo Website Development & Maintenance

adesso, a leading IT service provider, successfully completed the development and maintenance of the Apollo and Pearle websites. These websites serve as the online stores for the largest German optician brand, Apollo, and its Austrian counterpart, Pearle. The project was initiated to provide customers with easy access to Apollo's product range and enable them to order any product online. adesso's SmartShore team faced several challenges throughout the project, including managing two websites simultaneously and implementing very rapid and short-release cycles to adapt to market dynamics. However, adesso overcame these challenges by unifying all components of the two projects into a common project and utilizing a mobile-first development approach to optimize search filters. One of the most significant challenges was the integration of Algolia, a powerful search and recommendation engine, to optimize product search functionality. The SmartShore team developed customized-specific libraries and components to successfully integrate Algolia, improving the website's search capabilities. adesso also implemented SEO optimization techniques to improve website traffic and performance optimization to reduce load times. Additionally, it utilized Frontastic (Headless CMS) compliant development, allowing for more efficient content management. Another challenge was the inability to manage discounts on the online store using Commerce tools and Frontastic platforms. adesso's team developed custom solutions on the backend to manage discounts effectively.