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Meet our inspiring adessi ‘Cagla Celayir’ & her first ‘Personal Painting Exhibition’!

Working as a Senior Business Analyst at adesso Turkey, Cagla's life changed when she went to the Dali exhibition in Berlin as part of an exchange program during her university years. After an 8-month workshop training in Istanbul, she realized her interest in portraits and decided to create her own style on it. Afterwards, she participated in many group exhibitions and fairs. When she came to the end of her training process, she knew that a new chapter would begin for her: becoming a professional. ‘’It is not easy to decide to become a professional not only in painting or art, but in any field, you are passionate about, but it is even more challenging to achieve it. What gave me strength in this process was my inner motivation and the ambition to expect more from myself", Cagla says. Talking about the intensity of being a person who has carried her hobby to professionalism while working, Cagla said, "It is very enjoyable to be interested in art at the same time while doing business life and especially a technical job, especially adesso Turkey, the company I work for, supports art and it is very valuable that they are with me in every sense and make me feel their support." She explains that being professionally involved in the field of painting not only improves psychological and cultural development, vision, behavior, and perspectives, but also brings with it a high level of consciousness.And now we are proud to announce that she has opened her first solo exhibition realized with the slogan ‘Give us our colors’! Give us our colors! This slogan is in fact a cry at the same time. Cagla dedicates her works to all women who are excluded because of their gender, who are forced to submit to the oppression and persecution of bigoted masses, who are forced to work with equal labor but with a lower income, who are denied the right to education, who are forced to be economically dependent, who are subjected to physical and psychological violence, and whose right to life is coveted. In addition, she stated that due to the difficult situation we are in, she will donate a certain portion of the income from the exhibition to AÇEV for our children affected by the earthquake so that art will be a healing power! Cagla's first solo exhibition will be open to visitors at the Schneidertempel Art Center between February 23 and March 12, 2023. If you would like to visit the exhibition and be with Cagla, you can find the details below.