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adesso Turkey Expands With New Offices

The pandemic changed among many other items also the recruitment strategy of adesso Turkey. Right from the early days, the recruitment team started to expand their candidate pool with talents out of Istanbul. Three years later, adesso Turkey has almost reached 530 adessi and 200 of them are living in 20+ different cities in Turkey; majority in Ankara and Izmir. Now the next phase is planned with extended physical presence of the company with 3 new offices until the end of 2022: - Ankara – adesso will be opening a subsidiary within the Technology Development Zone of Middle East Technical University – METU- in Ankara. METU is well known as one of the bests technical universities in Turkey and Turkish team is very excited to start the collaboration. - Izmir – adesso will be opening another office within the Technology Development Zone in Izmir Institute of Technology; also planned to be set up until end of 2022. This will be a major milestone to start a closer collaboration with the universities in that region. - Istanbul – The construction of the new “Software Garage” within the Customs Free Zone in Istanbul is ongoing. Plan is to finish the construction phase until end of November and move in with a big party. With that strategy, adesso Turkey will be able to offer “great places to be” to adessi in different cities, strengthen university collaborations.