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adesso Spain Invests In Data&Analytics

Starting 2 adessi in mid-June 2021 in Madrid, D&A team in Spain has become a separate vertical domain with 9 adessi. The related response from the installed base customers has been very positive. Organizations require a partner such as adesso to complete their digitization journey, someone who helps them understand the importance of data and bases their decisions, actions and procedures on hard facts. On the one hand, adesso helps companies process data more accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively at a faster rate. On the other hand, adesso helps organizations present information in a more sophisticated format for better decision making to help them streamline operations and mitigate business risks. D&A team owns relevant certifications on Tableau and PowerBI platforms and provide services to sectors such as insurance, retail, manufacturing, automotive, sports and entertainment. Furthermore, team members are grouped by sectoral experience and combine a variety of skillsets. Some profiles are techier such as Data Engineer, BI Solution Architect and BI Engineer, who are responsible for integrating multiple data sources using Python, Spark, Pentaho, Apache Nifi, etc. Other profiles are more business process-oriented such as Data Scientist, Data Visualization Developer and Business Analytics Specialists, who configure, integrate, and set up platforms such as Tableau, PowerBI and Qlik. The team also provide consultancy services, which audits an entire digital ecosystem identifying duplicated data, data integrations, and bottlenecks, as well as documents the customer’s data model, builds a data dictionary and suggests several phases to digitally mature its entire digital ecosystem. Congrats to the team for the successful growth.