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Code. Grow.Inspire!

Our employee value proposition “code.grow.inspire” explains every aspect of our talent management. adessi – so do we call adesso employees – like to code with cutting edge technologies technically perfect solutions, develop their talent throughout our projects to a maximum and inspire every adessi as well as our customers in this journey. We encourage them with various initiatives and processes to become the best version of themselves. Observing their everyday achievements, we are glad and very proud to have such an amazing team.
WHO ARE WE?We identify ourselves as a team of skilled people who can understand your business in detail and provide right solutions using modern technology, starting by cognitive services like Interaction Room, Design Thinking up to operations of IT solutions.
WHAT DO WE OFFER?We offer talented agile teams bringing solid experience of distributed project delivery and agile project execution ready to support you reaching critical milestones within your digitalization roadmap faster.
HOW DO WE SUPPORT TALENT?Our unique and detailed recruitment process ensures that high talented adessi joins our development centers continuously. We grow at least 40% organic every year. Our adessi experience initiatives support programs, platforms and processes giving all adessi the change to maximize their skills whenever they prefer.

How Do We Recruit?

The success of IT projects depends on involving talented people. So how do we acquire talent?
First touch via phone call to explain our business model and the future position in detail.
Online interview via conferencing tools to analyze soft skills and secure cultural fit.
Online language assessment for German and/or English; our expectation is minimum B2 level.
Time to talk about technology. An interview with one of our experts in the relevant tech domain.
Review phase, case study and overall results will be evaluated by tech and recruitment teams.
Reference checks to get a better view on candidate’s history and handshake on commercial items.
Onboarding process empowered by buddy, mentor and our unique engagement app – adConnect.

One adesso Culture Across Borders

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Our comprehensive benefits package includes continual learning for each adessi. We offer personalized development plans, language development support, and limitless e-learning opportunities. Our agile mindset and lean structure complement one another, while OKRs keep us aligned to run towards the same goal.


Becoming an adessi brings along many advantages! An adessi is able to attend to events, parties, welcome days, C-talks, Tech Talks, social club activities and can also enroll in coaching & mentoring programs, receive physiological support if needed. Most of the training activity occurs on Udemy since each adessi holds limitless access.